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Avoid The Top Ten science Mistakes

As much into their hobby as they put into their discipline and when you get them talking about it’s super-fascinating and again that’s the kind of dialogue I think that lets people knew that it’s you know being an architect isn’t just having to memorize tons figures it is something that it is creating this maybe that’s where the fear comes from yeah there’s perception that it takes all of your time all-consuming absolute actually these things feeding to.

One another yeah so next questions from Tyler how do you plan on emphasizing science more schools or what are schools not young enough time aside science well yeah Imean one of the cultural offshoots the fact that we don’t It’s clear that even our educational systems often think of science as a bunch of facts to memorize because of the first the two first things to go in any budget are the arts and the science hands-on experimentation I I’man honorary lifetime member of the Californian Science Teachers Association and every science teacher I’ve ever pet spends a fair bit of their salary on experiments in their classroom herself funding this on a meager salary and my hats are off to science teachers.

I ‘m terrified of children and you know they’re they’re doing the real work in the real trenches you know we should you know for like a buck fifty you can take a blowtorch and you can turn a hacksaw blade from something you can break with your hands into a watch spring that’s a beautiful experiment we do more of that more hands-on you read all you want about material science but until you get your hands dirty until you get your hands on something you don’t fully understand it and I think that that hands-on experience.

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How Science Can Increase Your Profit!

well right here we don’t we’re not doing what we want to be doing because we come out here when we start trying to sate this diva and we use our bubble as well we don’t want to fight tanks as Winston because Winston is really bad at fighting tanks and Deva has a lot of armor as well she’s also tethered to mercy so we’re not really doing anything there we’re not even really building.

Any alt charge because of the armor damage reduction now we use our bubble for it for kind of no reason again better time would be spent just trying to find a way to that back line and then trying to do something a little bit more Winston rather than trying to do this sort effrontery posturing which is really not going to get us anywhere we also see in-the upper right corner again that we have lost our Kenyatta.

As well now Reaper does manage to kill tracer which kind of evens it out a little bit but we’re still out of numbers disadvantage right now again right here we’re hesitating diva which is not really achieving very much now had we also not use our bubble kind of frivolously earlier what we can do right here is just jump Brighton to this mercy who is mostly by herself if we jump on her right here she’s got two options run away from sour run more into our team either way that’s going to lead to the mercy probably dying because if she runs away from us.

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